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Become an effective observer in life and in business. Take one day to focus on observing other people’s actions and then, from your observations, ask yourself, “What three things  Do this another day and another and you will start to effectively integrate the Observation Mindset into your daily life

Take your first step to being mindful and aim high!


What people say?

Hi Al, Thank you for the great presentation from yesterday. It is always great to see that people are able to follow their dreams when they have the right attitude and talent. I think you are one of the best motivational speaker I ever had the chance to see. I wish you the best of luck and I hope we will have the chance to meet again.
Székely Szabolcs
One of the best business man I know. I've learn a lot of things from him which really helps me in the years after.
Bogdan Badea
Managing Partner la CAT Distribution

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Igniting Meaningful Change In Your Life



Offers the seven essential mindsets to success I discovered after years of learning, testing, and perfecting what I believe offers the best process for not only achieving the trappings of success, but also the joy that should also be an integral part.