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I found Al’s book, and the appraisals of the various mindsets, both fascinating and useful. Al, writing from the perspective of his unique background, as someone whose success and achievement is only to be admired, has captured the keys to his success vividly. This book is a genuinely insightful and practical tool to both those starting out on their career road, and those already well advanced on it. The book is thoroughly entertaining, also! Highly recommended!
Daniel Kearvell
Managing Director - DHL Romania
A boy who had a dream and the will to work for it, proves that almost everything is possible in life. This book by Al Kamara describes for me perfectly the value and power of attitude, believe and determination. His life story not only inspires, but it also provides seven powerful mindsets to become more successful in life. Al illustrated his book with many personal examples which makes it easy to read, a page turner and my recommendation for anyone who wants to get more out of his life!
Philip Aarsman
Managing Director - Business Lease Romania

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Offers the seven essential mindsets to success I discovered after years of learning, testing, and perfecting what I believe offers the best process for not only achieving the trappings of success, but also the joy that should also be an integral part.