Why did I decide
to write a book

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Why did I decide to write a book

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As a business executive and father to two wonderful boys aspiring to make their mark in the world, I wanted to contribute to the development and growth of future generations by sharing my struggle to success and especially the best practices that I have developed that have brought me, my employees, and many others, the best results and success.

After I discovered “The Seven Powerful Mindsets” that are the core of my book, I spent years testing, and perfecting them. They not only offer the best strategies and tactics for achieving success, but also to thoroughly enjoy your accomplishments, something that should also be an integral part of one’s life.

To this end, I’m honored to share with you the provocations and joys of my lifelong journey along with my motivation to succeed–no matter the challenges that came my way. My deepest desire is that you benefit from “The Seven Powerful Mindsets” as much as I have and that, as they did for me, they will bless your life.

Here’s to your success!

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