What are the chances that a boy born into powerless poverty in a village in Africa, who didn’t learn to properly read or write until the age of fifteen, would one day graduate from a distinguished university, become a successful entrepreneur, and eventually write a book?

I know, it sounds like a fairy tale, and it is truly my fairy-tale.

From Prophecies to Business Success

Through my life story and journey, I have gained insights that I believe can help others to achieve success. Growing up in my village until the age of 10 before moving and being brought up by three step-parents did not at first seem like the doorway to a higher education and a chance to fulfill the prophecy of my mother. She told me, “you will become a big man”. But it was no easy walk. Thankfully, I started my journey with the right Mindset, and followed this Mindset up with discipline, commitment and hard-work.



Offers “The Seven Essential Mindsets to Success” I developed this method after years of learning, testing, and perfecting what I believe to be the one system that offers the best process for not only achieving the trappings of success, but also for finding the joy that should be an integral part of that success.

To this end, I’m honored to share with you my struggle to success – from my days as a child in a tiny village in Africa with no roads, schools, or even running water, to my adoption into a family where I was a servant to a successful businessman. After that, my next adoption was into yet another family and a father who became the Liberian Ambassador to Romania. I’ll share with you the deepest sorrows and joys of my lifelong journey and motivation to succeed no matter the challenges that came my way.

My motivation was ignited by the words spoken to me by my mother as a child – “you will become a big man”. These words inspired and empowered me to overcome my struggles and live life without reserve.

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One Goal – High Aim!

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Do you need motivation and solid information to take your life to the next level? Read The Drive to Aim High. Al adeptly describes how to foster the 7 mindsets needed to realize your dreams, while weaving in wisdom from his journey from rural Africa to successful global entrepreneur. Every page will lift your spirit and drive.
Dr. Marcia Reynolds
Author of Outsmart Your Brain and The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs
A boy who had a dream and the will to work for it, proves that almost everything is possible in life. This book by Al Kamara describes for me perfectly the value and power of attitude, belief and determination. His life story not only inspires, but it also provides seven powerful mindsets to become more successful in life. Al illustrated his book with many personal examples which makes it easy to read, a page turner and my recommendation for anyone who wants to get more out of his life!
Philip Aarsman
Managing Director, Business Lease Romania
I found Al’s book, and the appraisals of the various mindsets, both fascinating and useful. Al, writing from the perspective of his unique background, as someone whose success and achievement is only to be admired, has captured the keys to his success vividly. This book is a genuinely insightful and practical tool to both those starting out on their career road, and those already well advanced on it. The book is thoroughly entertaining, also! Highly recommended!
Daniel Kearvell
Managing Director DHL Romania
Deep emotion and learning as Al took me on this truly fascinating personal journey of discovery and life challenges culminating in, what is effectively, an essential guide for us all on understanding and developing a conscious, practical and very effective mindsets in our personal and professional lives.
Colin C Lovering ISM
Senior Vice-President of Enterprise Solutions & Advisory and Vice-President of British Romanian Chamber of Commerce

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