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Get ready for the Aim High Mastermind Program!

Welcome to the Aim High Mastermind program (AHM). The AHM program is a group of inner-circle professionals like you who are working together to elevate their achievements.

The course is 5 weeks, 1.5 hours per week. This is a part-time program that combines online Observation Mindset Curriculum only available to AHM students as well as 7.5 hours of live, online sessions with Al Kamara. This is not your average online course, where it’s easy to just click through lessons but not take away anything meaningful. Think of the AHM course as personal training for your professional and personal life.

Format: Online with Live Classes | Length: 5 weeks part-time

Present Course

November 07 – December 05
Live Classes| Every Thursday| 18:00 hrs. to 19:30 hrs. |GMT+3

Upcoming Course

April 23 – May 21
Live Classes| Every Thursday| 18:00 hrs. to 19:30 hrs. |GMT+3

What it Looks Like

Over 5 weeks, you will be in a cohort with other business leaders who are also committed to learning part-time and mastering the “Seven Mindsets to Success”.

Each week you will have about an hour of online curriculum which will push your thinking and get you ready to make the most of the live sessions. You can complete this at any time, as long as it is before the weekly live session. After completing your online work, you will have a 1.5 hour exclusive live class with Al Kamara and your cohort of business leaders.

After 5 weeks of the AHM, you will have mastered the Observation Mindset and strengthened your mental foundation for success in life and business. You’ll also have expanded your network with Al Kamara and the other AHM graduates.


Expect to work and think hard. . Remember, the AHM program is personal training for your professional and personal life. Some of the topics we will cover in the Observation Mindset AHM include:

The skill of asking powerful questions and how to ask them in the right way

How to rapidly reverse the Mindset programming that is keeping you stuck below your optimal health and well-being

Rewire your brain and your routine with new Mindsets to become a magnet that attracts success

How to create a powerful transformational experience so you can create profound results

The real reason your business and personal life may not be growing or may not be as evolved as well as it could be

How to identify what your business and personal life really need at various levels

By the end of this Mastermind Program, you’ll have a brand new set of Mindsets and approaches to becoming a phenomenal person who can create powerful, transformative experiences and take your business and life to the next level of success.

What do you get by enrolling?

Observation Mindset exclusive AHM curriculum

7.5 hours (5 sessions) of live, small-group classes with Al Kamara

Access to the AHM alumni network upon graduation

How do I know if I’m ready?

You are a strong candidate for the AHM program if…

You are serious about wanting to build a high-impact business and a life that makes a positive difference in the world

You want a business and a life that embodies and delivers excellence in every way

You are unusually driven with an obsessive passion to be an industry transformer, a market authority, or a community changer

Igniting Meaningful Change In Your Life

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